Bitwise Terminal User Manual

Getting started

  1. Install Bitwise Account Manager for Chrome, preferrably in a new Chrome profile without other extensions.
  2. Open Bitwise Terminal in Chrome. Enter your email address and invitation code (if you don’t have one yet, use oJozNrvH ). Click [OK] to get an account.
  3. Check your inbox for an account activation email sent from Click the button inside to launch Bitwise Terminal.
  4. Add API key/secret in the Chrome extension and you’re ready to go.

User interface

Bitwise Terminal user interface

Bitwise Terminal user interface

Commands are always entered at the top of the screen. You may press the UP and DOWN key to cycle through the command history. The line below the command input shows the context where commands will take effect. The rest of the screen displays the command execution history.

Type /h to see a list of supported commands.


Clear screen.
Display this help message.
Display user profile.
Select all accounts.
a <pattern ...>
Select accounts that match one or more naming patterns. Use [Bitwise Account Manager](/terminal/bam/) to name or rename accounts.

a bear trap
Select all accounts with either the word "bear" or "trap" in the name.
c <contract>
Select contract by name (case-insensitive, default: XBTUSD). Only the perpetual swaps (XBTUSD and ETHUSD) are accepted at the moment. More contracts will be supported soon.
Cancel all open orders of the selected contract.
Cancel all buy orders of the selected contract.
Cancel all sell orders of the selected contract.
Display deposit address.
Select contract ETHUSD (shorthand for 'c ethusd').
lo <quantity> <price> [instructions]
Submit a limit order at <price>. Pass a positive <quantity> for longs, or a negative one for shorts. [instructions] can be empty (default), 'p' (post-only), 'h' (hidden), 'r' (reduce-only), or a combination of the three options.

lo 2000 9999.5
Limit buy 2000 contracts at the price 9999.5

lo -1000 15000 hr
Limit sell 1000 contracts at 15000, hidden order, reducing the position only
Display margin status.
mo <quantity>
Submit a market order. Pass a positive <quantity> for longs, or a negative one for shorts.

mo -2000
Market sell 2000 contracts
Display open orders of the selected contract.
Display open position of the selected contract.
Display settings.
Display wallet balance and PNL history.
Select contract XBTUSD (shorthand for 'c xbtusd').
Highlighted commands are available in the Pro Edition.

Edition comparison

Bitwise Terminal has a Community Edition and a Pro Edition.

Community Edition is free in perpetuity and supports all core features.

Pro Edition offers premium features at a nominal fee which will be announced later.

Currently the only difference between the two is that Pro Edition allows multi-account selection (command a).